Welcome to Leif Erickson’s new, improved, really-going-to-stick-with-it-this time blog

“In twenty years, I’ll have my own electronic newspaper? Oh, man, I need to get in on this Prodigy thing soon!”

Welcome to Imleiferickson.com! I’m… well…

A brief word before I embark anew on a journey to post actual, meaningful/meaningless content: A new year always brings a new energy to try new things. While I certainly plan to carry that attitude into certain aspects of my life in the Year of Our Deity Twenty-Fifteen, I at least won’t kid myself that there are certain things I’ve tried to do for years and failed consistently.  One of those is regular blogging.

So, now that I’ve actually paid money to register a URL through WordPress (that basically being a useful but ego-feeding phrase I utter several times a day in various work escapades), maybe I’ll follow suit and offer you my thoughts, dreams and ill-informed opinions on a more regular basis.

So, sit back, relax, and maybe I’ll let you into my brain a little more often on a grander scale. Or perhaps I’ll just bloviate about obscure songs that only a weirdo like me could like.


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