SIGIHT (Song I’m Glad I Heard Today): Daft Punk “Face to Face”

Between Crowded House and Miles Davis on my CD rack. Between Cults and Dan Fogelberg on my iTunes. Make of that what you may.

Unless you know me well and you have a pretty good idea of what a typical workday is like for me (hint: such a thing does not exist), you’d think I just come in, play music, blab on the microphone and go home.  Ha! That portion is but a fraction of what I do in a given day.  One component of my job is to produce high school basketball broadcasts on one of our stations.  While running a tight board is crucial, I regard another portion of this responsibility as fairly important: curating the bumper music.

This, of course, is the few seconds of music you hear as you re-enter the broadcast from commercials. I must say, whoever’s been doing this for the Red Sox Radio Network over the past few years has done a bang-up job, occasionally using music from Black Sabbath, King Crimson and Motorhead.  You keep that up, now.

I’m often freshening up my menu of music beds, and I generally rotate about six different ones per game.  This evening I had a moment to drop in a few new jams:  A little Atlanta Rhythm Section (a song about getting drunk on bubbly), some tasty Boz Scaggs (RIP Jeff Porcaro), a dollop of Steve Winwood (“Night Train,” which is his greatest solo jam).

One group that ALWAYS seems to make the rotation is Daft Punk.  People are often shocked that I am a longtime Daft Punk fan.  You shouldn’t be, really.  They draw inspiration from so many of the vintage groups I like and vintage sounds I dig.  One of my keyboard heroes, Rick Wakeman, even suggested in a UK music mag years ago that they were kinda-sorta prog rockish in a way.  A bit farfetched, I guess, but they do (nicely) cop a few Supertramp and 10CC riffs on their breakthrough album “Discovery,” which shockingly is 14 years old this year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a majority of Daft Punk tunes make kick-ass bumper music.  Yes, you’ve heard “Get Lucky” used in this fashion numerous times (and it still sounds great.)  I decided to give “Face to Face” a shot this time. After using it a couple of times on tonight’s broadcast, it’s instantly shot up high on my personal chart of Awesome Bumper Music Selections (will make actual listicle and blog at a later date, you lucky readers).

Leif Erickson: Saving listeners from hearing the intro to “Let It Ride” (again) during sports broadcasts since 2000.  You’re welcome.

(I have NO idea what’s going on in this video, by the by.)


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