SIGIHT (Song I’m Glad I Heard Today): Brian Eno “1/1”

I don’t have much time for sleep this time of year, being someone who rises early to voice and produce ski reports at home and then goes in for a full day (and sometimes evening) of work at the radio station during the winter months.

I’m not generally a person who has trouble sleeping, and for that I feel fortunate, but sometimes I find my quality of sleep lacking.

Not recommended as a ringtone or alarm, unless you like being late for things

Enter Brian Eno. In my life I’ve gone through phases of having music on to put me to sleep, and other times settling for no sound at all. Recently, I reintroduced one of Eno’s ambient albums into my sleep regiment, and it’s worked wonders. I seem to get more out of a night’s sleep, and I seem to have more favorable, less weird dreams while under the influence of Eno.  In fact, I leave it on sometimes during waking hours, as it provides a calming and comforting sonic backdrop that makes my room and home more of a sanctuary than a place to sleep.

“Ambient 1: Music for Airports” is the name of the album. It wasn’t Eno’s first ambient work, being preceded by “Discreet Music,” his recordings with Robert Fripp, and a good number of tracks on his solo piece de resistance “Another Green World.” I sometimes wonder if this music were actually played in a loop at modern-day airports, train stations, supermarkets, Department of Motor Vehicle offices, etc, if it would change our harried demeanor any.

I didn’t even realize until recently that the guy playing the piano on “1/1” (first track, side one, get it?) is Robert Wyatt, the paralyzed former Soft Machine drummer/vocalist.

Turn on, tune in, find peace.


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