Daily* Deep Track: The Kinks “Picture Book”

Okay, real short one this evening as I have a long wire-to-wire Friday packed with work, social and cat obligations, and it all begins with a 4am alarm. As a current radio guy (and former minor-league baseball public address announcer), I have to tip my cap to the individual in the booth at Hadlock Field, who keeps the musical selections interesting pre-game and between innings.

For instance, at a game earlier this year, I heard a snippet of “In the Street” by Big Star. Certainly known to many as the “That 70s Show” theme as done by Cheap Trick, not as many know of the original. One night I was there on Irish Night, and they spun Thin Lizzy “Whiskey In the Jar.” Awesome.

Tonight was company night at the Sea Dogs, complete with the upper-level box, food and the obligatory mascot visit, so I checked out about 7 innings of the game before I had to head on home. When the announcement came to plug the team’s Instagram account, anyone could just plug in the predictable “Freeze-Frame” or “Photograph.” Yawn. No, at Hadlock Field, you get “Picture Book,” as in the beloved Kinks song off “The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society.”

I’m sure about three people noticed or even cared at the ballpark, but I’m proud to say I was one of ’em.


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